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Accomplish great things, one Groove at a time

Short, deep focus work sessions powered by a supportive community that help you craft a more satisfying, fulfilled day

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Here's how it works

In our 50 minute Grooves, a small group of 2-4 creatives, freelancers and/or entrepreneurs gather to cowork with others. Find connection, not distraction.

1. Join a Groove

Hop on Groove's app to start or join a Groove. Others will join you soon, and you'll get started with a short video check-in to say hi and share your goal for the session.

2. Dive into your deep work

You'll go off video to work on your goal, connected lightly via chat and task management so you stay focused and on track.

3. Regroup

After 50 minutes, the group gets back together on video for a quick recap to talk through how it went.

We've got your back

Gain accountability and motivation as part of the Groove community.

Meet the community

What can you accomplish in a Groove?

Craft a more intentional day that helps you build the life you want.

Find Your Team

Find your

Meet your new coworkers: Groove's global community of creatives — offering accountability and encouragement.

A more satisfying day

A more
satisfying day

On-demand Grooves fit seamlessly into your workday and enhance your routine. We're here to fill your cup, not drain it.

Create your definition of

Create your definition of 'accomplishment'

Stay focused without distractions so you can get more done and fulfill your goals.


"Groove makes me feel less alone and so much more capable throughout my busy, chaotic days."


6,200+ minutes Grooved


"Groove holds me accountable, to get work done, to feel good about it, to feel like I'm part of a community, to feel like I'm not working on things alone."


5,000+ minutes Grooved


"Every time I go on Groove I do something extraordinary. Having a focused hour is something extraordinary."


5,000+ minutes Grooved

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