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Join our community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, creatives, and all around groovy people accomplishing great things, together.

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Here's how it works

In a 50 minute Groove, a group of 2-4 creatives, freelancers, and/or entrepreneurs gather to work side-by-side (virtually). Work from home loneliness, be gone ✨

1. Join a Groove

Hop on Groove's app to start or join a Groove. Others will join you soon, and you'll get started with a short video check-in to say hi and share your goal for the session.

2. Dive into your deep work

Go off video to start conquering your to-do list. Cheer on your fellow Groovers in the chat. You’re winning at Mondays 🎉

3. Regroup

After you’ve flowed through your 50-minute Groove, you’ll hop back on video to share your successes, set your next set of goals, or wrap up your day knowing you did your best ✅

We've got your back

Carving your own path doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Groovers support, motivate, and celebrate one another day in and day out.


What can you accomplish in the Groove?

Write your first novel, finish a presentation, design a birthday card, or remember to take your lunch. What you do in the Groove is up to you, but you’re sure to get sh*t done and have a good time while you’re at it.

Find Your Team

Get in the

If there were a to-do list fan club, we’d be in it. Start your Groove by breaking your goal into tasks. You’ll be sailing into flow in no time.

A more satisfying day

Find your

Meet your new coworkers: Groove's global community of wavy path takers rooting for each other through the ups and downs.

Create your definition of

Discover what work-life harmony means to you

Join the work from home revolution by breaking the mold of what work can look like + making time for what matters most.


"[Groove] makes me feel less alone and so much more capable throughout my busy, chaotic days."


6,200+ minutes Grooved


"Groove holds me accountable, to get work done, to feel good about it, to feel like I'm part of a community, to feel like I'm not working on things alone."


5,000+ minutes Grooved


"Every time I go on Groove I do something extraordinary. Having a focused hour is something extraordinary."


5,000+ minutes Grooved

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